4 Row Aluminum Bleachers


Low-rise bleachers that seat 20 – 72 guests/patrons. Custom sizes are available on request. Ordering in bulk? Ask about our bulk quantity discounts.


Perfect for any occasion big or small!

These 4 Row Aluminum Bleachers can easily accommodate 20 to 72 guests/patrons to your event or location. With these bleachers being 30 feet or less in height there is no safety fence requirement, which makes installation a breeze. Manufactured out of aluminum, these bleachers are low-rise, have a 2″ x 10″ floor plank, and have a  2″ x 12″ seat plank for guest/patron comfortability.

  • Understructure: Aluminum or galvanized steel
  • Floor planking: Single nominal 2″ x 10″
  • Seat planking: Single nominal 2″ x 12″
  • Hardware: Hot dipped galvanized (standard) or stainless steel (special order)
  • Vertical aluminum safety fencing: Not required
  • 30 feet or less in height
  • Easy installation
  • Low rise

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All our bleachers are made in the United States of America by Americans with 3/16 aluminum angle extruded by American mills, all materials used meet the buy American act.  They can be used indoors or outdoors and are well suited for commercial use because of IBC 2012 compliance.

Walk on the Seat Economy Angle Frame Models
General code specifications required

  • 1st seat height from grade no greater than 12”
  • Seat plank to be a minimum of 12” nominal wide
  • Rise and run per row 6”/24”

Additional information


20, 40, 56, 72




7.5 ft (seats 20), 15 ft (seats 40), 21 ft (seats 56), 27 ft (seats 72)

Height 1st Row





206 lbs, 295 lbs, 408 lbs, 522 lbs



Download 4 Row Bleacher Drawings

  • Mud Sills
  • Tip & Roll

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