Aluminum Bleacher Rental

Aluminum Bleachers for Rental

Southeastern Seating offers aluminum bleachers for rental and sale. Explore our extensive, safe, and comfortable rental bleacher options for your next spectator event, including parades, concerts, sporting events and competitions, shows, school events, and more.

Do you have a specific bleacher rental requirement for your next event? Please call our toll-free number at 800-248-2099 to speak to one of our experienced and industry-knowledgeable rental specialists today! 

With an unparalleled inventory of aluminum bleachers for rental, we can meet your seating needs from 3 rows to grandstands. Call us today to reserve rental bleachers for your next event! Below, you can see some recently fulfilled orders and a few of our most popular requests.

The Bleacher Rental Process

Choose Your Bleacher Type & Size

Explore our different rental bleacher types below and contact us for more details. We can assist you in finding the right bleacher size for your event based on the number of expected attendees.

Location Details

When you contact us, let us know where your event will take place and the type of venue the bleachers are needed for.

Non-Elevated Bleachers for Rent

Safe, comfortable non-elevated bleacher seating is the most frequently requested and most affordable bleacher rental option. These bleachers are ideal for events with a direct line of sight. They are commonly used at parks and baseball fields. They can be assembled as high as 25 rows and come with or without an aisle way. Bleachers without aisle ways are commonly called “walk-on seat bleachers.” Please note: Bleachers above 4 rows high, require safety rails.

Elevated Bleachers for Rent

Safe, comfortable elevated bleacher seating is best suited for events with obstructed views or large areas that require a greater field of vision. Most football field and raceway track bleachers are elevated. Elevated bleachers require walking up staircases and, in some varying seating conditions, may require ADA ramp access. Southeastern Seating Inc. is one of the very few bleacher rental companies that designs, manufactures, and installs (when requested) ADA-required ramps, handicap seating, and wheelchair access cut-out seating areas. All elevated rental bleacher seating comes with required safety handrails. Trained in-house installers are available. Please contact us for installation pricing.

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