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Southeastern Seating offers handrail and bleacher services, repairs and renovations throughout the United States

For over 40 years, Southeastern Seating has been servicing, repairing, renovating, designing, manufacturing, and selling code-compliant, safe, socially distant bleachers and safety handrail throughout the Southeast US. From golf tournaments, beach weddings, parades, rodeos, and raceways, to high school and university sports stadiums, Southeastern Seating is centrally located in Tampa, to quickly service and repair bleachers and handrails to compliance throughout the Southeast. We also offer handrail and bleacher services, repair and renovations across the US. Quality, customer care and satisfaction are our top priorities!

Need long-term seating?
With such a large inventory few can match Southeastern’s pricing.

How do we keep our costs so low?
Southeastern Seating is a nationwide outdoor and indoor aluminum bleacher and handrail manufacturer. Since we produce all of our products in-house, we are able to pass the savings on to our customers.

We offer assistance in your seating design, and handrail needs, whether temporary or permanent.

Interested in our lease-to-own bleacher option?
Southeastern’s large inventory includes new and used bleachers at discounted rates.

Our aluminum rental bleacher inventory comes in 15-foot and 21-foot increments. If extra seating capacity is needed, our rental bleachers have the capability to adjoin.

Southeastern Seating delivery and installation services map
Southeastern seating delivery and installation bleacher services map

This map indicates the primary states, we sell and deliver to. Have an order to place outside this region? Please call 800-248-2099 to discuss our nationwide bleacher, handrail, rental, repair and renovation service programs. Trained in-house Installers available. Please contact us for pricing.

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