Bleacher Repair, Renovations, Upgrades, Retro-Fits, Relocation and Rentals

Not ready to buy new bleachers or do you need to bring some up to code? Broken and weakening parts are a sign that it’s time to look into repair options. Bleacher repair is possible! Chances are that any bleachers built more than 10 years ago need upgrades to meet present-day code requirements. With our experienced and trained professionals, you may be able to repair and renovate your current bleachers, grandstands, ADA ramps, and press boxes! This option allows you to bring your existing bleachers up to Life Safety Codes, CDC recommendations, and save money! Rentals are available during the repair or renovation process. Contact us for a free quote today for bleacher repairs!

Bleacher Repair Services Offered

  • Upgrade ADA-compliant ramps
  • Add or upgrade stairs and handrails
  • Add fencing, railing, and aisles to meet code compliance
  • Repair broken bleachers
  • Relocate entire bleacher seating systems
  • Rentals are available during the repair, or renovation process.

Free Consultations

We offer free consultations and damage assessments on yous existing bleachers. Our bleacher division can repair and renovate and bleachers where necessary. Call today, to schedule a FREE walk-through inspection to avoid potential liability issues and to ensure your bleachers are code compliant! Installation is available by request.

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