hydraulic towable bleachers

Aluminum Hydraulic Towable Bleachers

Southeastern Seating, hydraulic towable bleacher division, has direct from the manufacturer, aluminum hydraulic towable bleachers for sale and rental! Contact one of our bleacher specialists today about this socially distant, 10 row, outdoor, very versatile, multi surface bleacher product. We are a certified state of Florida trailer manufacturer, that titles all of our towable trailer products over 2,000 lbs. Call today for pricing!

Please note: Southeastern Seating, hydraulic towable bleacher division, recommends a 1 ton, or larger vehicle, with a 35,000 lb, or larger towing hitch capacity, be used in transporting this product. In its upright position, the bleacher system requires a minimum of 16 foot of head clearance. We also recommend supplied safety chains and battery operated electric brakes safety cable always be used during transport.  Before lowering the 10 row bleachers via the built in hydraulic system, be sure to place bleachers on a flat grass, asphalt, or concrete surface, that posses 22 foot of depth and 50 foot of width. When not being utilized, our hydraulic towable bleachers come equipped with 2 semi-trailer typed jacks located near the tongue of bleachers for easy on-off hitch attachment. Please be sure to park on a level surface and to use safety chalks on both sides of dual wheels at all times.

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