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Galvanized Steel & Angle Frame Aluminum Bleachers

  1. All steel and aluminum bleachers are designed to meet the National and International Building, Life Safety, and Fire Codes of the ICC, IBC, UBC, SBC, and NFPA 101 & 102.
  2. Any independent local, county, city, or state building codes concerning seating layout, access, and exiting requirements beyond the above-listed agencies in note 1, are not covered in these designs and the pricing of these products.

To ensure satisfaction please inform Southeastern Seating of any local, city, or state requirements that may impact your seating needs.

Custom Aluminum Bleachers from Our Fabrication Specialists

For over 40 years, Southeastern Seating’s Aluminum Bleacher division has been custom designing, fabricating, and shipping safe and comfortable aluminum bleachers. No matter whether the project is big or small, Southeastern Seating can help you accommodate all your needs. Assembly services are also available by request.

We specialize in creating, designing, and fabricating aluminum bleachers for every occasion, both big and small. We also design and manufacture “architectural” or “artisan”  handrailing with additional aesthetics.

All of our bleachers are designed to meet the all National and International Building, Life Safety, and Fire Codes of the ICC, IBC, UBC, SBC, and NFPA 101 and 102. Our bleachers are made in the United States of America by Americans with 3/16 aluminum angle extruded by American mills, all materials used meet the Buy American Act.  They can be used indoors or outdoors and are well suited for commercial use because of IBC 2012 compliance.

Have a special bleacher project that you don’t see below? Give us a call! We look forward to hearing what you have in mind.

3 Row Bleachers

Our 3 row bleachers are ideal for small events and crowds, starting between 15 to 54 guests/patrons. The bleachers can be easily moved with just two people.

4 Row Bleachers

When more seating is needed, a 4-row bleacher may be just the fit, seating 20 to 72 guests. Our 4-row bleachers will be heavier than the 3 row option but are still relatively easy to move when assembled.

5+ row bleachers

Our 5, 10, and 15 row bleachers are designed to maximize both safety and comfort. At this size, most bleachers will require a safety fence. Our high-quality vertical picket-style fencing is designed to last.

Elevated Bleachers

Need a better view? Check out our elevated bleachers, available in multiple sizes, accommodating up to 228 guests. Elevated bleachers include a walkway and stairs. Handicap ramps are also available.